Something Wicked This Way Comes Mr Dark

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES: A Dark Dive Into The Bradbury Classic

We don't scare children enough these days!


Strange Magic: The Many Cinematic Universes Of DOCTOR STRANGE

From Chandu to Erasmus Craven and beyond... the journey to Strange.


March Madness: The Academy Awards And Mr. Hyde

In 1932, a real monster took home Best Actor.


BLACULA Lives! Celebrating William Marshall's Prince Mamuwalde

In 1972, BLACULA out-Hammered Hammer.

scream 3.jpeg

Perchance To Scream: Why I Will Always Be a SCREAM Fanatic

How SCREAM inspired a dream of running away to join the Circus of Horrors.

mickey's christmas carol 4.jpeg


From Christmas hellmouths to dancing demons, delving into the delightfully dark side of Disney.

his kind.png

The Price of Crime: Five Film Noirs Starring Vincent Price

Counting down Uncle Vinny's delightfully slimy noir roles.


Headless Horseman: The Spirit of Halloween

Paying homage to the ultimate Halloween harbinger of horror!

monster cereals.jpeg

The Marbit Prometheus: The History Of The General Mills Monster Cereals

'Tis the season!

the munsters tv series.jpeg

Attack of THE MUNSTERS: The Munsters in Movies

From the small screen, to the big screen, and back again (and again)

abbott & costello meet frankenstein.jpg

BOO's On First: Abbott, Costello, And The Universal Monsters

When the greats met the greats.

the fly.jpeg

Dial “I” For Insecticide: The Top Ten Creepy-Crawlies in Horror

Don't bug out – Diana's here to exterminate all of your insect horror needs.

ec comics header.jpg

EC Does It: EC Comics In Film And Television

A history of adaptations of the beloved, twisted horror comics.

House of Wax 1953

Wax-ing Poetic: HOUSE OF WAX Through The Ages

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!