Demonic Instruments: The Art of the Score with THE EXORCIST: BELIEVER Composers

Composers David Wingo and Amman Abbasi walks us through their collaborative process on David Gordon Green's latest.

the popes exorcist2

Pulp Horror: Julius Avery On THE POPE'S EXORCIST

The director discusses using a real person as a launching pad for something a lot more fantastical, and more.



Mark Harris, co-author of a new book on Black Horror, discusses the genre’s past, present and future.


Defying Vampiric Power Structures: Nathalie Emmanuel On The Invitation

Emmanuel sinks her teeth into horror and celebrates JENNIFER'S BODY.


Monster In The Bed: An Interview With THE INVITATION Director Jessica M. Thompson

A stylish reinvention of the Dracula legend, blending contemporary social commentary with gothic romance and horror.


Daniel Espinosa Takes A Bite Out Of Marvel Horror With MORBIUS

The director talks about bringing the comic book character to life, human trees, vampire films, and Matt Smith's chaotic energy.


Take Me Down to the RACCOON CITY: An Interview with RESIDENT EVIL Director Johannes Roberts

Source material, Steve Perry and Journey (yes, the band).

welcome to blumhouse.jpg

WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE: Four Filmmakers on the Horrors of Community

A conversation with directors Gigi Saul Guerrero, Maritte Lee Go, Ryan Zaragoza and Axelle Carolyn.

army of darkness 1979 2.jpeg

Let's Get Groovy! Rodney Barnes Talks ARMY OF DARKNESS 1979


Staring Off a Cliff: Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy on MIDNIGHT MASS

dont breathe 2.jpeg

Back into the Dark -Stephen Lang on DON'T BREATHE 2

The actor on The Blind Man’s journey of faith and violence.


Seeing Shades of Gray: Fede Álvarez On DON'T BREATHE 2

The writer-producer delves into the complicated morality at the heart of DON'T BREATHE 2


A Reason to Stay: Director Damian Mc Carthy on CAVEAT

The director of Shudder's latest talks his fantastic and unusual new film.

the forever purge 2.jpeg

The Pinnacle Of PURGE – Talking THE FOREVER PURGE Trailer With Everardo Gout

Watch the brand new trailer and dive in as the filmmaker discusses his latest entry in the series.

boys from county hell interview.png

Hanging At The Stoker: Chris Baugh On BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL

The director of Shudder's latest talks vampire mythology, his process and the future of the genre.