ARROW Heads Into Halloween Season With Unmissable October Lineup

Two Witches, Evil Dead Trap, The Descent and more are headed to Arrow Player this Halloween season.

By Amber T · September 19, 2022, 6:37 AM EDT
Arrow October

How’s your Halloween season planner looking? Already packed? Well, shuffle some stuff around and make space, because ARROW have released their October streaming line-up – and it is absolutely not to be missed. The home of classic and cult cinema have got something for everyone this October – from witches to vampires, cave creatures to subway creeps and much, much more.

Kicking off the spooktacular month on October 1st is Pierre Tsagaridis’ Two Witches, a Fulci-inspired tale of hereditary curses and dark forces that won Best Scare at Grimmfest. The trailer has already given horror fans a few sleepless nights, and we expect the full feature will do the same.

For US/CA audiences, October 1st will also see Adam Simon’s 1990 medically malevolent Brain Dead hit the platform, in which Bill Pullman stars as Dr Rex Martin, a neurosurgeon desperately trying to save his mind from a megalomaniacal corporation.

Brain Dead 1990

On October 7th, UK/IRE subscribers to the platform can catch Neil Marshall’s The Descent, a classic piece of modern British horror, and one that will stop you from ever setting foot in a cave or similarly claustrophobic space again.

Also on October 7th, ARROW kicks off their first Season of the Halloween err, season by examining the horrors of the real world. Why Can’t A Girl Walk Home Alone At Night? (US/UK/CA/IRE) is a collection of films that focus on women threatened or attacked by men and exacting their revenge, in shorts like Tristan Risk’s Reptile House and features like Yasuzô Masamura’s Irezumi. Take Back the Night, a monstrous horror thriller from director Gia Elliot, will also arrive on the platform.

As we get further into spooky season, on October 14th ARROW will amp up the atmosphere with their Ghastly Gothic collection, featuring a deliciously dark curated collection of romance, murder, mystery and madness. Classic Italian horrors like Alberto de Martino’s The Blancheville Monster and Mino Guerrini’s The Third Eye will be the perfect accompaniment for dark and stormy fall nights.

October 21st will see us back to school with Co-Ed Carnage, where we’ll see a slew of student slashers including Sorority House Massacre and The Slumber Party Massacre hitting the platform for US/CA audiences.

Fans of Japanese horror in US/CA will be excited to see Evil Dead Trap come to ARROW on October 28th – a bonkers and brutal journey through an abandoned building that is essential viewing for any ‘WTF did I just watch?’ themed Halloween screening. On the same date, UK/IRE audiences can catch Christopher Smith’s Creep, a tale of subterranean terror that did for the London Underground what Jaws did for the ocean.

Evil Dead trap

And then finally, heading into All Hallows' Eve, ARROW presents a final season: The Mutilator Watchalong Collection (UK/US/CA/IRE). The Mutilator Watchalong featured an array of the directors of the hottest ARROW titles (and even the ARROW staff themselves) fighting for their lives during a “live” stream of Buddy Cooper’s ‘80s slasher. This collection will feature films from the directors who tragically didn’t make it through the Watchalong bloodbath, including The Stylist, Threshold, A Ghost Waits, Dementer, Satanic Panic, Man Under Table as well as, of course, The Mutilator Watchalong.

Here’s the full line-up for October, so you can get the dates written down in your diary:

Arrow October 2022 lineup

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