Barbara Crampton Transforms Into The DIVAS OF DARKNESS - Part Two!

Happy Wednesday! Today, Brett Freedman turns our reigning queen of horror into... our favorite homicidal maniac.

By Brett Freedman · @BrettGlam · October 27, 2021, 11:39 AM EDT
Brett Freedman transforms Barbara Crampton into Wednesday Addams.

Editor's Note: No tricks, just treats in store for you groovy ghoulies on this, the most Hallowed of weeks! We are keeping Halloweek rolling as Los Angeles makeup artist Brett Freedman transforms our reigning queen of horror Barabara Crampton into three iconic horror divas. Today we have Freedman's updated take on everyone's favorite homicidal maniac, Wednesday Addams! Stay tuned as we reveal one more look this Friday. Take a look below for Freedman's Diary of a Makeup Artist and Barbara's full photo set. (And you can see part one of the series here, if you missed it!)

Well, if you got a kick out of seeing our fave horror gal pal Barbara Crampton as the Bride of Frankenstein...hold onto your braids! Next up is our take on the doomy gloomy infused Wednesday Addams. What would Wednesday look like all grown up? Would she be saucy 'n sexy? Demure? I kinda felt she'd be the epitome of uptight white. Literally. Pale, buttoned-up, and heavily starched. Makeup-wise I gave Barbara's tawny skin a bleached white stoniness. I liked the idea of her eyes looking hollow but in a way that made you wonder if it was her actual face or her makeup. I rimmed the eyes with a slightly copper shimmer that gives that skull beneath the skin look in a fashion-y way. I picket-fenced single spiked lashes along her bottom lash line to give the look of a splayed-out spider. I then topped it off with super-defined, painfully sharp brows.


For lips, I played with maybe doing scarlet -but figured a grown-up Wednesday would feel that shade would be too expected and cheerful. Enter a light and joy absorbing matte ultraviolet lip. Costume designer Milda Bublys created the black and white Wednesday uniform with a stiff-as-cardboard white collar and matching oversized pleated cuffs. I love how Milda infused 'get a closer look' details like spider applique buttons and dagger collar stays. Photographer Lesley Bohm shot Barbara on both a simple, slate gray backdrop and a vintage bookcase setting. A sort of headmistress drama mama. Again, Barbara really brought it with the vibe. If you see the BTS vid, you can see her perfectly guarded body language and steely glance. Slight, controlled shrugs and the oh-so-perfect handwork that looked like rigor mortis just setting in. This was actually the first character we did (yes, we did all three in one day!), and it was so fun seeing Barbara transform from her fun and chatty self to Wednesday's judge-y glaziness. We joked that Barbara as Wednesday was definitely the gal you wanted to sit next to at a dinner party...just for the side-eye! Happy hump day, Fangorians!


Barbara Crampton shot at Loft 1923 on August 21, 2021
Photographer: Lesley Bohm @LesleyBohmPhoto
Makeup/Hair: Brett Freedman @BrettGlam
Costume Designer: Milda Bublys @MildaMade

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