Barry Keoghan’s Grim Take on the Joker is Unleashed in Deleted Scene from THE BATMAN

In a cut scene from the blockbuster film, Robert Pattinson’s Batman visits an old friend in Arkham State Hospital.

By Noah Levine · @ZProductionz · March 24, 2022, 5:41 PM EDT
joker rata alada1.png
Barry Keoghan as a (somewhat) familiar face.

“Maybe…he’s a fan of yours?”

Director Matt Reeves has previously teased a cut scene from The Batman featuring none other than Pattinson’s caped crusader interacting with Barry Keoghan’s “Unnamed Arkham Prisoner” (who we will come to know as the clown prince of crime eventually). Today, fans are in for a treat with the release of the full deleted scene. The scene was previously only available after solving a series of riddles in The Riddler's online "Rata Alada" easter egg game.

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In the eerie five-minute clip, Batman visits Keoghan’s character in his Arkham State Hospital cell. Shot with uncomfortable close-ups and out-of-focus shots of Keoghan’s facial prosthetic, Reeves injects an uneasy intensity to the dialogue exchange.

Batman seeks clarification behind The Riddler’s string of murders and overall goal, treating Keoghan’s character as an almost Hannibal Lecter-style character. Who better to profile a maniacal villain than one himself?

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In a previous interview with IGN, Matt Reeves went on to discuss his inspirations for Keoghan’s character, including the classic film The Man Who Laughs.

Check out the full scene down below:

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