GUTS: Watch Chris McInroy's New Stomach-Churning Short

The grizly horror-comedy debuted at Fantastic Fest earlier this year.

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · December 2, 2022, 1:09 PM EST
GUTS Still 1

Had the week from hell at work? Feeling particularly thankful for Friday? Sit back and relax with Guts, the new short from Chris McInroy (Scare Package) and remember it could be way worse - at least your internal organs are where they should be.

After making debuting at this year's Fantastic Fest, Chris McInroy’s short has been a hit at genre fests throughout the year including Fantasia, ARROW's Fright Fest and Sitges. Guts follows hapless office worker Horace (Kirk C. Johnson) as he navigates the passive-aggressive, cut-throat world of white collar work and tries to get himself a promotion. The only problem is, Horace has a slight 'intestines on the outside of his body' issue to also contend with, one that's making pursuing a budding office romance a tad difficult.

GUTS Still 7

With its mix of grisly body horror, witty comedy and gooey practical effects, the short has been described as 'riotously funny' with a 'surreal comedic flavor', and has been a festival highlight across the year..

Thanks to Alter, the 8-minute splatter fest in now available to watch online here - just not while you're at the office, ok?