JUNG_E: Sci-Fi Thriller From TRAIN TO BUSAN Director Gets New Netflix Trailer

Yeon Sang-ho's tale of a dark dystopian future will hit Netflix on January 20th.

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · January 5, 2023, 2:22 PM EST
Jung E

Netflix have released the official trailer for JUNG_E, the highly anticipated new project from Train to Busan and Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho - and it certainly looks like the award-winning director has another hit on his hands.

The two minute trailer released by Netflix ahead of the film's January 20th premiere date promises epic explosions, malevolent robotics and a badass female heroine(s).

According to Polygon, JUNG_E's plot reads as follows;

Set in the 22nd century, the film take place inside a massive man-made shelter in space orbiting an environmentally ravaged Earth. Kim Hyun-joo stars as a legendary soldier who is killed in combat. After her death, Jung_E’s consciousness is artificially preserved and, several decades later, is used as the basis for an android army by Seohyun (Kang Soo-yeon), Jung_E’s now adult daughter. When an internal conflict breaks out aboard the shelters, Seohyun frees her mother’s consciousness to help her escape the abuse suffered at the hands of her other creators— but not before fighting through an onslaught of enemies patterned after herself.

As mentioned, JUNG_E stars Hellbound's Kim Hyun-joo as the eponymous Jung_E, Ryoo Kyung-soo (Itaewon Class) and Park So-yi (Deliver Us From Evil). JUNG_E also marks the final onscreen performance of The Surrogate Woman's Kang Soo-yeon who sadly passed away earlier last year.

Yeon Sang-ho's dark fantasy series Hellbound has been positively received and a second season has been confirmed by Netflix. While you wait for Hellbound to return and for his newest venture to hit the streaming giant, check out the trailer and official artwork for JUNG_E below.

JUNG E artwork