Take A Bite Out Of New Trailer For French Horror-Comedy SOME LIKE IT RARE

The comedy cannibal film will open exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse locations in New York City and Los Angeles.

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · September 22, 2022, 1:46 AM EDT
Some Like It Rare
Director Fabrice Eboué stars as struggling butcher Vincent.

You might want to put down that ham sandwich for just a second while you check out the new trailer for a meaty horror-comedy from Brainstorm Media.

Last year, Fantastic Fest hosted the North American premiere of Fabrice Eboué’s Some Like It Rare, and the Austin-based genre festival are now bringing it back for a selection of special screenings across the US.

The French film, which stars director Eboué and Marina Foïs, is a tasty blend of dark comedy and horror, with the official synopsis reading as follows:

“Butchers Vincent and Sophie’s business is going under and their relationship is on the rocks. But their lives are changed forever when Vincent accidentally kills a vegan activist vandalizing their store. To get rid of the corpse, he butchers the body and Sophie accidentally sells the meat. Never has their product been more successful with their customers to the extent that they just might be tempted to kill again…”

Alongside Eboué and Foïs, the film stars Jean-Francois Cayrey, Lisa Do Couto Texeira, Victor Meutelet, Stephane Soo Mongo, Virginie Hocq, and Christophe Hondelatte.

New still from Some Like It Rare

Cannibalism has been a staple ingredient in French horror for many years, including 1991’s surrealist horror-comedy Delicatessen, Marina De Van’s 2002 New French Extremity film In My Skin and of course 2016’s Raw, the feature-length debut from Palme d’Or winner Julia Ducournau. Some Like It Rare looks set to be a hilarious and horrifying addition to the genre.

Some Like It Rare will open exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse locations in New York City and Los Angeles on October 7th, before coming to on-demand on October 14th. Tickets are on sale now, so don’t miss out and grab yours here.

To whet your appetite, take a bite out of the official trailer here: