TERRIFIER 2 Is Headed Back To Theaters...With "Surprises"

What is Damien Leone up to? We'll find out in November.

By FANGORIA Staff · August 28, 2023, 11:34 AM EDT

Last October, Damien Leone's Terrifier 2 hit theaters and became a seemingly unstoppable sensation, racking up over $11M at the box office and firmly cementing Art the Clown as one of this generation's most iconic villains. Many were caught off guard by Terrifier 2's runaway success, but few will be surprised if the forthcoming Terrifier 3 manages to pull off the same trick. The people have spoken, and the people want more Art the Clown.

For those people, today brings good news: according to a new report over at Bloody Disgusting, Terrifier 2 is headed back to theaters in November, and will be accompanied by "some special surprises" meant to tide Art the Clown fans over until his next big screen adventure.

Says Damien Leone:

“This year has been unlike anything we could have imagined. To see all the love Terrifier 2 has received and the excitement this release has inspired from fans new and old, is truly beyond words. As a thank you to them and the many people who worked tirelessly on this release, we want to bring it back to the big screen where it belongs. And more than that, while fans eagerly await the release of Terrifier 3 next year, we will be including some special surprises because a year is just too long to wait.”

The rerelease is headed our way via the good folks at Cineverse and Bloody Disgusting, whose Managing Director, Brad Miska, had the following to add:

Terrifier 2‘s return to theaters is the perfect farewell to the Halloween season, an event that will have audiences clinging onto their barf bags once again. This exemplifies the pinnacle of horror cinema, an experience that etches itself into memory.”

What sort of surprises might Leone have in store for those who turn out for Terrifier 2's return to theaters? We can only speculate, of course! Maybe this cut will include extended scenes, or incorporate sequences that didn't make it into the original theatrical cut. Maybe it'll be a concept trailer for Terrifier 3. Maybe Art the Clown himself will burst through the screen and select one lucky audience member for a good ol' fashioned live dissection. Really, there's no telling!

Terrifier 2 will hit theaters (again) on November 8th. It is currently unclear whether this will be a one-night-only engagement or an ongoing one, but do stay tuned for further updates as they become available.