Doug Bradley Wants To Play Pinhead Again In An Adaptation Of THE SCARLET GOSPELS

Clive Barker's 2015 novel reveals the ultimate fate of the Hell Priest.


Love Hurts: Horror’s Hottest Couples

For Valentine’s Day, the filmmaker behind ALONE WITH YOU counts down the genre’s steamiest, most sanguineous pairings.

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Arrow Video’s HELLRAISER 4K Trailer Has Such Sights To Show You

Clive Barker’s horror classic is coming to 4K this October as part of a new four-movie collection.


UPDATED: New Release Brings Us The Workprint Cut Of HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE

Arrow's new HELLRAISER: QUARTET OF TORMENT collection is jam-packed with extras, and includes a never-before-seen version of Kevin Yagher's film.

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Mainstream Extreme: How 2022 Made "Disturbing" Popular

Dissecting the rising popularity of extreme horror films.


Exclusive: Reimagining The Score Featurette With HELLRAISER Composer Ben Lovett And Director David Bruckner

With one foot firmly "in the history of what HELLRAISER music sounds like, the other very much in a David Bruckner world."


Interview: FX Master Josh Russell Breaks Down The Gags On David Bruckner’s HELLRAISER

Dissecting the cenobites with the monster makers.

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Convo X Fango: The Sounds Of Hell With HELLRAISER's Bruckner And Lovett

Chatting with HELLRAISER director David Bruckner and composer Ben Lovett.


FANGORIA #17 Newsstand Cover: Jamie Clayton Is Pinhead In HELLRAISER

We opened it. She came. An experience beyond limits.


We've Been On Pins And Needles, It's Finally Here: Hulu's HELLRAISER Teaser

Our first peek at Jamie Clayton as the new Pinhead!


Popcorn Frights Film Festival Will Donate Portion Of Proceeds To LGBTQ Fund To Combat Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill

The Florida genre festival is scaring up frights and fighting for rights.


Plasticine Dreams: Joseph Brett On Sculpting Iconic Horror Scenes in Claymation

The exclusive premiere of Brett’s newest animation for ALTER plus an interview with the animator and filmmaker about his process, issues with the UK’s folk horror revival and the beauty of interdisciplinary work.


Getting Graphic: How Video Games Keep The Most Iconic Faces In Horror Relevant

From Jason Voorhees to Pinhead, video games like DEAD BY DAYLIGHT and FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME are keeping iconic slashers relevant for new audiences.


Adventures In Development Hell: A Chat With Matt Greenberg, Part 2


In Defense of REVELATIONS: The HELLRAISER Movie That Could Have (and Should Have) Been More

A film forever remembered for all the things it wasn’t.