2019’s CHILD’S PLAY Remake Is Finally Getting A 4K Release

The folks at Scream Factory are giving director Lars Kleverg’s reimagining of Chucky an Ultra HD upgrade.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · January 8, 2024, 6:29 PM EST
ChildsPlay2 Cropped
Image courtesy of MGM

Physical media completionists rejoice as one of your franchise collections can soon be complete. The folks at Scream Factory have announced that 2019’s Child’s Play remake is finally getting a 4K Ultra HD release. The film has been available on Blu-ray for quite some time but this marks the first time that it will be available on 4K.

The Child’s Play collector’s edition is set to hit shelves on March 19. Those who order the film will also get an 18x24 poster featuring the original theatrical artwork while supplies last. The release is set to retail for $39.98, but it’s currently on sale for $35.99. As of this writing, Scream Factory has not confirmed what special features will accompany the release. Those will be revealed at a later date.

That said, the company’s releases tend to be good and loaded in that department. It's hard to imagine they'll skimp on them with this one. Scream Factory previously released all of the other Child’s Play movies on 4K, so it only seems fitting that they finally get around to this one as well. For those who may need a refresher, the synopsis for the film reads as follows:

“After moving to a new neighborhood, single mom Karen (Aubrey Plaza) tries to encourage her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) to make friends by buying him a Buddi doll – the very latest in toy technology. But Andy’s doll and new best pal – which Andy names Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) – has a glitch that allows it to think, act, and feel. But as Andy meets new kids in the neighborhood, how long before Chucky’s possessive friendship turns into a gruesome killer doll rampage?!”


Directed by Lars Klevberg, 2019’s Child’s Play was the first time in the history of Chucky’s on-screen existence that the series continuity was rebooted. That’s pretty remarkable. What’s perhaps more remarkable is that the original timeline is still intact thanks to Don Mancini’s Chucky TV show which is currently airing its third season. As a result, this movie stands alone as something of an odd duck in the long-running slasher series. It topped out with $45 million at the box office and never got a sequel, making it a one-and-done. But it also very much tried to do its own thing, rather than duplicate what the original 1988 horror classic did so well.

Look for the Child’s Play 4K disc on March 19. Those interested in pre-ordering a copy can do so now via ShoutFactory.com.