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blood sabbath 1972_1

Wild Women With Steak Knives: BLOOD SABBATH (Brianne Murphy, 1972)

PTSD au go go.


INTO THE VOID: Let’s Talk Werewolf Erotica With Mallory O’Meara

In which the best-selling author of LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and GIRLY DRINKS steps Into The Void.


A WINNIE THE POOH Horror Movie Is Happening, We Have Pictures To Prove It

Director Rhys Waterfield’s WINNIE THE POOH: BLOOD AND HONEY is expected to arrive later this year.


Trần Hữu Tấn Talks Bringing VIETNAMESE HORROR STORY Stateside

The director's latest anthology horror is brimming with Vietnamese culture and supernatural lore, but we don't have a way to view it — yet.


BEAST Trailer Has Idris Elba Fighting A Big Ass Lion

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for BEAST, which just might scratch your creature feature itch this summer.


The Scariest Horror Videogames You May Not Have Heard Of

Diving deep and taking it back with titles like RULE OF ROSE, D2, and more.


A MALIGNANT Sequel? Director James Wan Says There's A Bigger World To Explore

While nothing is remotely set in stone, James Wan reveals that he has the larger world of MALIGNANT mapped out.



From AUDITION to zombie metafiction. Wired women, vengeful spirits and other transmissions.

Watcher 4

Exclusive Interview: Director Chloe Okuno On Her Acclaimed Stalker Thriller WATCHER (Special NYC Screening Tonight!)

We chat with the director of the best new thrillers of the year.

Saltire Scares

10 Scottish Horror Movies You Might Not Have Seen

Horror hailing from the Highlands (and beyond!)

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