Divas Of Darkness: Barbara Crampton Transforms Into A Killer Mermaid

Our beloved horror queen and makeup artist Brett Freedman present Barbara as Zombie Sirène!

By Brett Freedman · @BrettGlam · October 26, 2023, 5:30 PM EDT

Editor's Note: No tricks, just treats in store for you groovy ghoulies on this, the most Hallowed of weeks! Los Angeles makeup artist Brett Freedman has once again transformed our reigning queen of horror, Barbara Crampton, for Halloween. Last year we brought you the Divas of Darkness series, this year, Crampton and Freedman created three original characters and got extra creative with their glamorously ghoulish transformations. First up, behold! Barbara as Zombie Sirène.

Stay tuned as we reveal two more looks ahead of Halloween. Take a look below for Barbara's finished look, and a bit of behind-the-scenes from Barbara and Freedman. Take it away, Brett and Barbara!

Deep in the shivering waters of the Atlantic Ocean swirls Barbara's embodiment of a ghost of mermaids past. Barbara already has the ice blue eyes...made murky with translucent green lenses. I also gave her skin a beach glass green veneer. To bring this look to life, 'er, death, I gave Barbara's gorgeous skin a slightly scaled, waterlogged texture.

Barbara Crampton siren

The origins of the easy, breezy fish scale makeup hack has a very cheerful origin for me. For the Kristen Wiig movie Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar, I was hired to turn country singer Reba McEntire into a glam fantasy sea spirit. In preperation for that gig, I played around with creating a look that felt ocean-y -but also pretty. A couple of weeks before the shoot, I tested a few techniques on a model. I really liked the method of using a fishnet stocking (appropriate!) over the temples and dusting the skin with iridescent powder. It worked wonders and was oh-so-quick! For your Zombie Mermaid, I would definitely try this with a shimmery moss-colored shadow. Then do as I did: Highlight each 'scale' with a touch of golden liquid eyeliner. Hollow out the eyes and pop on a larger-than-life curled wig. Only Barbara (and you!) could make a dead mermaid look this alluring!

Zombie Sirène/Horror Queen/Icon Barbara Crampton, Photography and Glam by Brett Freedman, Styling by Emily Burnette, and Barbara’s BTS headshot byLesley Bohm.