Exclusive: Australian FX Master Steve Boyle Takes The Helm Of THE DEMON DISORDER

The Spierig Brothers are part of the producing team behind the family-terror tale.

By Michael Gingold · April 6, 2023, 5:37 PM EDT
THE DEMON DISORDER L-R Director Steve Boyle, Christian Willis (Graham), Dirk Hunter (Jake), Charles Cottier (Phillip)

His special makeup work has been seen in everything from What We Do in the Shadows, Black Sheep and Boar to The Matrix Revolutions and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and now Steve Boyle (pictured above at left) is making his feature directorial debut with The Demon Disorder. The Australian artist is writing, directing, and (with Kyle Lema) producing the movie, whose executive producers are Michael and Peter Spierig (the filmmakers behind Winchester, Daybreakers and Undead among others) and Ally Muller.

Currently shooting in Queensland, The Demon Disorder stars Christian Willis (2nd from left above), Dirk Hunter (3rd from left) and Charles Cottier (4th from left) as brothers Graham, Jake and Phillip Reilly. According to the official synopsis, the story concerns the trio “and their deceased father George. All their pasts collide when a deep, dark family secret is unearthed, and Graham’s garage becomes the site for a truly warped case of revenge from beyond the grave.” George is played by veteran actor John Noble (Severance, Fringe, the Lord of the Rings films).

The Demon Disorder is an elevated genre piece with real-world relationships and family dynamics,” Boyle tells Fango. “It combines elements of early David Cronenberg and body horror crafted through elaborate visual effects sequences. Audiences can expect something fresh. It’s disturbing, it’s humorous, and I promise it will have people talking about what they’ve just witnessed long after it finishes.”

Although this is Boyle’s first venture into long-form filmmaking, he has previously made award-winning shorts such as Mullet Gut and Avulsion. Stay tuned for more on The Demon Disorder as it continues through production and approaches release!