Exclusive PET SEMATARY: BLOODLINES CLIP: Casting Young Jud Crandall

We go behind the scenes with this exclusive clip from the new PET SEMATARY prequel, available now on Digital and coming soon to Blu-ray.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · December 5, 2023, 12:00 PM EST
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Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Heads up, Stephen King fans as we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Pet Sematary: Bloodlines. The film debuted earlier this year on Paramount+ and now, it’s available for you to purchase on Digital, with a physical release also set for later this month. Whether you’ve seen the film or not, this clip is worth a watch as it features director Lindsey Anderson Beer diving into the process of casting Jackson White as our young Jud Crandall. Check it out below.

Jud is a major character in both the book and the movies that have been made based on King’s novel. Fred Gwynne, of The Munsters fame, played the part in the 1989 film, with John Lithgow taking on the role in the 2019 remake. Even though this film focuses on a younger iteration of the character, Beer explains in the clip that White proved himself right for the part because he brought an old soul quality to it.

“The casting process was so much fun. I auditioned a ton of people for Jud and Jackson White, in addition to being a great actor, even though he’s a young person, he’s an old soul. And for somebody who is playing a young version of somebody that we know as a very old man, I thought that was a very interesting quality about him.”


“I wanted to emulate a little bit of that. I tried to wear his stuff. I tried to wear Fred Gwynne’s stuff. I think it just really started stressing myself out,” White explains of his process in the clip. “The truth is, it’s a different version.” For fans who purchase the film digitally or when it arrives on disc, there will be plenty of bonus features to go around. Here’s a breakdown:

Pet Sematary: Bloodlines Bonus Features
  • Origins—Explore sinister origins and haunting secrets alongside David Duchovny and the cast of Pet Sematary.
  • Fresh Blood— Watch as new talent embraces the Pet Sematary legacy.
  • Death’s Design— Unearth the chilling secrets and hidden Easter eggs that breathe life into Pet Sematary's terrifying designs.
  • Method to the Madness— Go behind the scenes with Jack Mulhern and Isabella LeBlanc, who share how they prepped for their roles, including bonding with four-legged co-stars.
  • War Comes Home— Enter the chilling realm of Pet Sematary as filmmakers and cast dissect the final scene, revealing the innovative technology behind its terrifying realization.

The synopsis for the film reads as follows:

“In 1969, young Jud Crandall dreams of leaving his hometown behind, but soon discovers sinister secrets buried within and is forced to confront a dark family history that forever binds him to Ludlow. Banding together, Jud and his childhood friends must fight an ancient evil that has gripped the town since its founding, and once unearthed has the power to destroy everything in its path.”

Pet Sematary: Bloodlines is available to buy on Digital now. Look for it on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD December 19.