From Fangs To Film Noir: Check Out ARROW's Neat November Lineup

LIPS OF BLOOD, PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER, THE DEVIL'S RAIN and more will hit Arrow Player in November.

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · October 26, 2022, 5:01 PM EDT
Arrow November

Feeling glum about the upcoming end of spooky season? Fear not, because with another month comes another amazing line-up from cult cinema giants ARROW and their subscription based Arrow Player platform - with November treating us to French vampire classics, killer kung fu, erotic thrillers and more. Feast your eyes on this lineup:

Arrow - Lips of Blood

November 4th kicks off the first of ARROW’s November Seasons with Jean Rollin Vol.III (UK/US/CA/IRE), a celebration of the works of French vampire legend Jean Rollin. Deeply misunderstood and widely misrepresented, during his decades-long career as a film director, Rollin often struggled with lack of funding and commercial failure, until the ‘90s when his work gained a cult status. ARROW’s dedication to sharing the work of Rollin means a set of new titles available to stream, including Fascination, Lips of Blood, The Grapes of Death, The Night of the Hunted, The Escapees and Zombie Lake.

On November 7th, ARROW subscribers can catch the premiere ofIncredible But True, a quirky sci-fi comedy from Quentin Dupieux, the mind behind 2010’s homicidal tire terror, Rubber. Incredible But True sees “a husband and wife move into a suburban house of their dreams only to discover that a mysterious secret is hidden in the basement, which may change their lives forever” (sounds like fans of a certain 2022 movie might want to check this one out...)

Arrow - Perfume

On November 11th, ARROW brings a pair of monster flicks to wreak havoc on North American subscribers with 1980’s Humanoids from the Deep and 1981’s Inseminoid. UK and IRE subscribers will be able to indulge their senses with Tom Tykwer’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer , which follows a serial killer in 18th century France. All subscribers can check out two documentaries exploring the seedy cinematic underbelly of film noir, with The Long Haul of A.I. Bezzerides and Dark and Deadly: 50 Years of Film Noir.

November 18th continues with another Season: Shawscope Vol. 2 (UK/US/CA/IRE), a collection of Hong Kong cinema classics including The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Return to the 36th Chamber and Disciples of the 36th Chamber.

Arrow - The Devils Rain

Aaaand finally, for US and CA audiences, November 25th closes out the month with two nightmares with Satanic revenge flick The Devil’s Rain (1975) and backwoods slasher The Final Terror (1983). UK and IRE audiences can see November out in style with erotic thriller Swimming Pool (2003) and Daniel Craig-starring Enduring Love (2004).

If you’re not already an ARROW subscriber, head over to the Arrow Player site to start your free trial, and explore a massive collection of quality genre cinema, from giallo to gorefests, and martial arts to midnight movies. Check out the trailer for ARROW’s November collection below: