IMAGINARY's Chauncey The Bear Opens Up in Exclusive Tell-All Interview

Famous bears, ancient evils, Chauncey's anthem, and more with the furry star.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · February 22, 2024, 3:00 PM EST

Imaginary friends seem like a sweet and harmless enough concept, but we know that's not always the case. Imaginary centers on a ferocious teddy bear and perhaps an army of evil imaginary friends. When Jessica (DeWanda Wise) moves back into her childhood home with her family, her youngest stepdaughter Alice develops an eerie attachment to a stuffed bear named Chauncey.

We realize a horror movie about imaginary friends may give some folks the wrong idea, so we sat down with the star of the upcoming Lionsgate and Blumhouse venture, Chauncey the Bear, to chat about his new horror movie and working with co-star DeWanda Wise, giving Chauncey the chancey to show his true colors to our readers.

Imaginary Chauncey

First off, how do you feel about the term “imaginary” particularly as it pertains to “imaginary friend?”

Chauncey not imaginary... Chauncey real. You talk to Chauncey now... You make Chauncey real... Are you Chauncey’s friend? ... forever ever...

Why, thank you, Chauncey. That’s very sweet of you. I could always use a friend. So what was it like on set? How was it working with your co-stars?

Chauncey like making movie... Chauncey get the star treatment. Fur brushed... private trailer... personal assistant... so many new friends for Chauncey... so talented... When movie over... cast leave... make Chauncey angry. Chauncey… no let DeWanda and Jeff leave. Never ever…

That's... nice. What do you think this movie will do for teddy bear sales?

Imaginary... good for teddy bear sales... stocks go up... a bear market! Everyone want to take bear home. Give Chauncey to your kids... your brothers, your sisters ... your friends... give Chauncey friends...

Speaking of friends, there’s a long line of famous bears. Do you have any feelings on fellow bears in the business? Yogi, Paddington, Teddy Ruxpin?

Those bears... playthings... you don’t play with Chauncey... Chauncey play with you!

Ok. Bears in horror is something we’ve been enjoying recently, any feelings on Freddy Fazbear, Cocaine Bear or the latest horror bear crossover — Winnie?

There can only be one horror movie bear... Chauncey... Chauncey is meaner... bigger ... scarier ... Chauncey don’t need cocaine to get scary ...

Let's move on from bears. M3GAN lit the internet on fire with her choreographed dance and her cover of Sia’s “Titanium,” do you have any musical treats in store for fans?

Chauncey has a song... nice song... music box song... it twinkles... I like to hear it. But when you hear it... you don’t want to dance... you want to run. Chauncey coming for you...

Back to M3GAN, have you met? What’s she like?

M3gan nice... M3gan and Chauncey are similar... We are both dolls... but M3gan a robot, Chauncey not a robot ... Chauncey is something ancient... something evil ... we same that we both love our friend... we do anything for them. We don’t like it when friends leave... never ever leave your friend... We will make you hurt... we will kill you.

Being an ancient entity, I imagine you've had lots of time to pick up new skills. Do you have any hidden talents?

Chauncey talent is being a good friend... but Chauncey hurt you if you leave... Chauncey inflict pain... both physical and emotional...

Well, in the spirit of finding new friends, PG-13 horror gives younger audiences a chance to enjoy the genre. Are you hoping to leave some lifelong (emotional) scars on a new generation?

Horror movies are good for you... horror movies make you brave... children need to be brave... children should watch scary movies... children should come to theater... Chauncey like seeing so many new friends watch Imaginary... Chauncey hopes to scar them... forever Chauncey be with them now. When they see Teddy Bear... they now see Chauncey...

Agreed. When delivering an emotionally scarring performance, how do you prepare for an intense scene? What’s your process like?

Chauncey likes rehearsal... but Chauncey like to improv... it scare actors and director. Chauncey also like to workout... personal trainer... make Chauncey big... for big mean scenes... make Chauncey strong... sharpen claws and fangs...

Once your claws and fangs are sharpened, are there any songs you use to get you in “the zone?”

Yes. Chauncey like... "Teddy Bear Turn Around" by The Wiggles. Chauncey anthem.

That's a banger. What’s next for you after Imaginary?

Chauncey... follow you...

Oh... uh, well, I’ll just let you go. I know you’re short on time.

Oh, no... Chauncey not the one short on time.

Uh... well, yes, thank you. Chauncey the Bear star, of Imaginary, in theaters March 8th. That's all the time we have.

Where are you going? You said you are Chauncey friend!

The interview is over Chauncey. I was just saying that for the article. Let’s keep this professional.

Interview never over! Never eveeeeeeeeer!!!!! YOU ARE CHAUNCY FRIEND!

Chauncey NO!!!!!!

We are not entirely fluent in Bear, so special thanks to Michael Rousselet for helping with the Chauncey translation. Imaginary is in theaters March 8, get your tickets now.