The First IMAGINARY Trailer Brings Imaginary Friends To Horrifying Life

Jeff Wadlow's latest looks like another spook-a-blast homerun for Blumhouse.

By FANGORIA Staff · November 16, 2023, 12:02 PM EST

As promised yesterday, the first trailer for Jeff Wadlow's Imaginary has arrived. Blumhouse has been beating the drum fairly hard about this one, releasing a much-discussed audio trailer solely in theaters, teasing the trailer's arrival with a pair of spooky posters, and name-dropping a number of their biggest hits in today's trailer to remind you that, yeah, Blumhouse really has been on a killer streak as of late (The Exorcist: Believer notwithstanding).

Let's see how it looks...

Oh, yes. This will do nicely. Wadlow's working with a great concept here ("What if your imaginary friends became real...and then violently turned on you?"), and it appears he's got a very good handle on how to make that concept work. There appear to be multiple (evil) imaginary friends at work here, including one very ferocious teddy bear, and we're eager to see what sort of havok these creatures can create.

Here's an official plot synopsis:

“Jessica moves back into her childhood home with her family. Her youngest stepdaughter Alice develops an eerie attachment to a stuffed bear named Chauncey she finds in the basement.  Alice starts playing games with Chauncey that begin playful and become increasingly sinister. As Alice’s behavior becomes more and more concerning, Jessica intervenes only to realize Chauncey is much more than the stuffed toy bear she believed him to be.”

Imaginary stars DeWanda Wise (who's also onboard as a producer), Tom Payne, Taegen Burns, Pyper Braun, Veronica Falcon, and Betty Buckley. Wadlow (who previously helmed Cry Wolf and The Curse of Bridge Hollow) directs from a script he co-wrote with Greg Erb and Jason Oremland.

So, when do we get to see it? Very soon! Blumhouse will drop into theaters on March 8th. Stay tuned between now and then for any further updates on this one, and in the meantime ... be careful who you're making friends with, yeah?