Richard Chizmar Reveals Cover For New Horror Novel: MEMORIALS

From Derry to Appalachia.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · February 6, 2024, 2:38 PM EST

Richard Chizmar, coauthor (with Stephen King) of the New York Times bestselling novella Gwendy’s Button Box and Gwendy’s Final Task, and the solo novella Gwendy’s Magic Feather has a new horror novel coming our way! This time, Chizmar is taking us through Appalachia circa 1983 for a little supernatural road trip action. The Chasing the Boogeyman author is giving us a first sneak peek at the Memorials cover below.

Chizmar exclusively shared with FANGORIA, “I’m excited for readers to get their hands on Memorials. I love road trip stories, and have always wanted to write one of my own. There were scenes in this book that sent chills down my spine as I wrote them. I hope readers experience that same feeling.”

Before we get to that cover reveal, let's take a look at the full spine-chilling synopsis.

1983: Three students from a small college embark on a week-long road trip to film a documentary on roadside memorials for their American Studies class. The project starts out as a fun adventure with long stretches of empty road and nightly campfires where they begin to open up with one another.

But as they venture deeper into the Appalachian backwoods, the atmosphere begins to darken. They notice more and more of the memorials feature a strange, unsettling symbol hinting at a sinister secret. Paranoia sets in when it appears they are being followed. Their vehicle is tampered with overnight and some of the locals appear to be anything but welcoming. Before long, the students can’t help but wonder if these roadside deaths were really random accidents…or is something terrifying at work here?

We may be rethinking our summer road trip plans, but there's plenty of time to figure that out, right?! Now let's take a look at that cover reveal we promised! Behold, Memorials!


That teddy bear staked straight through the heart is ominous as hell, and we're digging the "shot on a camcorder" vibe, like we scrounged this up on the side of the road, left behind by those three students. Memorials hits bookstore shelves October 22, 2024, but you can pre-order your copy of Memorials.