17 New Horror Movies Streaming On Screambox This Month

HEBGBTV serves up '90s nostalgia and channel surfing hell.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · October 2, 2023, 3:00 PM EDT

The big standout coming to Screambox this month is HeBGBTV. Starting Friday the 13th, you can stream the much-anticipated title centered on "a multidimensional cable box" with nefarious intent. The cable box installs itself into a neighborhood with ultimate plans of world domination. The story follows two siblings as they channel surf, quite literally. For anyone who remember the 1992 classic Stay Tuned it sounds like a horrified version of that, with the addition of "The Purple Guy" and demonic lesbian possessions (which the Jon Ritter-starring Stay Tuned definitely lacked!) Here's more from the official synopsis.

HeBGB TV has something for everyone with a Halloween heart. A true DIY experience, HeBGB TV takes you through the horrors of late '90s television and twists them through a spooky, sci-fi lens. DIY to its core, HeBGB TV is a spooky, sci-fi story that takes you through the horrors and laughs of cable television. This film is a cacophony of comical commercials, perverse puppets, and monstrous music with a naughty dose of '90s nostalgia. HeBGB TV is indie horror comedy at its queerest. Directed, Produced, and Written by Adam Lenhart, Eric Griffin, and Jake McClellan. 

And here's the full list of new titles joining the streaming party on Screambox this October.

10/31 Part III

The Barn

The Deeper You Dig




Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary


Help! My In-Laws are Vampires

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Part 2



Minor Premise

More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead


Shaky Shivers

Willow Creek