Blumhouse's SPEAK NO EVIL Remake Now Arriving Later Than Expected

The James McAvoy-starrer is now a September offering.

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · January 18, 2024, 1:28 PM EST
Speak No Evil (2022)

Christian Tafdrup's Speak No Evil was one of 2022's most shocking, disturbing horror films. An absolute powerhouse of unsettling dread and ratcheting tension, the film ultimately arrives at a shattering conclusion that was so dark, even Speak No Evil's biggest fans had to concede that it wasn't the sort of film you could recommend to everyone.

As you're probably already aware, a remake of Tafdrup's grisly film is headed our way via the good folks at Blumhouse. An Americanized remake starring James McAvoy and directed by The Woman in Black's James Watkins, the remake was previously dated for late summer of this year. August 9th, to be precise. Well, that's not happening anymore!

According to a new report at Deadline, Watkins' Speak No Evil will now arrive (somewhat fittingly!) on Friday, September 13th. That's just over a month's worth of a difference, so nothing major, but worth pointing out to any Speak No Evil heads out there who've been feverishly anticipating another trip through this story's particular spanking machine. If you've never seen Tafdrup's version, well, now you get an extra month to prepare yourself for ... whatever this version has in store.

Will the Speak No Evil remake go as hard in the paint as the original? Only time will tell, but if other American remakes of ultra-dark, foreign horror films are any indication (see also: The Vanishing, Martyrs), probably not. But here's hoping we're wrong on that front!

Nothing further to report on the Speak No Evil remake at this time, but do adjust your release schedules accordingly and stay tuned for further updates as they roll in. And until then? Bite your tongue on the ending around those who haven't seen it. We wouldn't want to spoil such a nasty surprise.