Thrash Out With A First Look At SQUID PISSER's Music Video "Everlasting Bloat"

Ears will bleed, faces will melt. The squid people are here.

By Jason Kauzlarich · @jasonkauz · February 23, 2023, 12:36 PM EST

Forged in a chaotic storm of pus and goo, SQUID PISSER has come to earth with vicious and thrashing hardcore jams via their new album My Tadpole Legion. Conceptualized and formed in 2022, the band is fronted by Tommy Meehan on guitar (Deaf Club, Cancer Christ, Sweatband Records, Cartoon Network) and Seth Carolina (Starcrawler). They are ready to destroy your ears with glitched-out squid core blasting punishing guitars, primal drum work, and intense vocals, all thrown into a blender and discharged for your listening pleasure.

Why should horror fans care? Well, let's have Tommy Meehan fill you in.

"Metal and Horror have always belonged together (GWAR is the greatest band in the fucking galaxy... ) so it makes sense that our most metal sounding SQUID PISSER track has one of the greatest metal voices of our generation on it."

SQUID PISSER's debut album, My Tadpole Legion, is busting at the seams with guest vocals from The Locust, Melt-Banana, Nekrogoblikon and more. If you are a fan of those, then you are about to find your new favorite band of the year, and we have a first look at their new chaotic interdimensional music video, "The Everlasting Bloat," featuring Nicky of Nekrogoblikon.

Before jumping to the video drenched in VHS aesthetic, here are some words from Tommy about the band, the concept for the video, and the makers behind their rad squid people masks:

"Nicky Calonne and I met years ago when my old band, THE MANX used to play shows with NEKROGOBLIKON. Nicky is a fucking character, man. A true lunatic and creative genius. He might be a psychopath. Collaborating on this song with him was torturous, confusing, and glorious. "The Everlasting Bloat" ended up sounding even more tweaked out than Seth and I could have imagined, and we fucking love it. The vocal performance is demented, UNHINGED, and everything it needs to be.

The music video itself is directed by Max Winston (Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, etc.) and shot solely on his huge '80s VHS CAMCORDER... Max has a really cool Instagram account @videopoison which showcases a lot of little bizarro and undiscovered moments from his vast collection of VHS tapes. Go follow that shit!

The story of "The Everlasting Bloat" unfolds as two interdimensional SQUID PEOPLE teleport to earth and disguise themselves as cow guys, humans from the future, and even lampshades as they explore the overgrown and serene sectors of the Los Angeles River. The SQUID PEOPLE discover an ancient time clock and play god with its modular pieces. They are shocked and ecstatic to witness a decaying snail corpse on The Pyramid of Dust, and they even get to pet a dog and go to a video store (where they unsuccessfully perform ritualistic dances to summon the many characters and fables locked within the VHS tapes that they find there). Nicky Calonne undergoes a transformation from human to squid guy and back again as he discovers his burgeoning sexuality and fiery desire for ball peen hammers and turquoise fur coats.

We want to give a huge shout-out to ERIS DEO, who sculpts and molds our Squid masks at Ojala Effects in Los Angeles. Eris has worked with such fine celebrity types as Slipknot, Sarah Squirm and yes, even Kanye West (pre-anti-semitic statements, of course), and they're one of our favorite humans and family members. These masks are as comfortable and cozy as they are creepy and cool.

The video was edited by myself (with extra pizazz and flair infused by the great: Displaced/Replaced)."

Crank up the volume, smash that play button, and get ready to be fucked by the cephalopod daddies known to humans as SQUID PISSER.

My Tadpole Legion was mixed by Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, GODCITY STUDIOS) and mastered by Alan Douches (West West Side Music). It will be released on limited edition vinyl (“tadpole blob” variant for Sweatband and “tadpole splatter on piss yellow” for Three One G) on April 14th. Preorder, here.