TALES FROM THE VOID Brings Scary Reddit Stories To Screambox

The new anthology series will adapt various stories from the subreddit r/NoSleep.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · March 1, 2024, 6:14 PM EST
Tales1 Cropped

The folks at Screambox are bringing scary tales from the world of Reddit to life. A new anthology series titled Tales From the Void has been announced and is set to debut on Bloody Disgusting’s streaming service later this year, per Variety. The Cineverse series will adapt several tales from the wildly popular subreddit page r/NoSleep, with an impressive stable of directors tackling these various stories.

Francesco Loschiavo created the series, which will consist of six stories in total. Loschiavo will also direct an episode, with Joe Lynch (Suitable Flesh), Maritte Lee Go (Black as Night) and the Adams Family (Hellbender) also on board. Lynch directed the pilot episode, which is based on the story The Black Square by Matt Dymserski. Loschiavo had this to say about it in a statement:

“This series is a love letter to the r/NoSleep community, celebrating the breadth and depth of the horror genre. We put a lot of time and care into curating and adapting these stories for television, and we look forward to seeing how audiences react.”

Other stories from the subreddit that will get the small screen treatment include Betsy The Doll by Rebecca Klingel and I used to hack baby monitors. But one night I learned my lesson. by Manen Lyset. Brad Miska, the VP of horror content at Screambox, had this to add:

“As someone who grew up on Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow, I have an obsession with anthologies and can’t wait for horror fans to see these classic No Sleep stories come to life. Tales From the Void delves through the best of horror, all from the unique perspective of some of the prominent modern voices in horror.”


Loschiavo and John Thomas Kelley are co-showrunners, Barclay J. Maude, Rebeka Herron and Martin Wotjunik producing. Aaron B. Koontz of Scare Package fame, David Cummings, Brandon Hill and Miska are on board as executive producers. Cummings had this to say about the series:

“For years we’ve been bringing horror stories to life with our audio adaptations. Tales From the Void is the next exciting step in this journey. Being able to see the stories come to life on the screen is frighteningly satisfying. We dare everyone to plunge into the void with us!”

Tales From the Void does not currently have a release date but the premiere episode will screen at several festivals before it premieres this fall. Stay tuned.