THE BLOB Remake Happening With Director David Bruckner

The man behind 2022’s HELLRAISER now has his sights set on another classic horror franchise.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · January 9, 2024, 6:32 PM EST
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Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

A long-in-development reimagining of a horror classic has found new life. David Bruckner has been tapped to write and direct a new version of The Blob for Warner Bros. This, according to The Wrap, with the outlet stating that the filmmaker has signed onto the project. No word yet on how far along it is but this iteration does appear to be in the relatively early stages.

Bruckner’s most recent feature was 2022’s Hellraiser, which ended up going directly to Hulu. One imagines Disney might have rethought that decision after the fact as both that movie and the Predator prequel Prey ended up performing very well on the streaming service and could have benefited from a run in theaters. In any event, that is unlikely to be an issue at Warner Bros. as the studio is very committed to making movies for theaters, with CEO David Zaslav actively against making movies strictly for streaming. Some of Bruckner’s other credits include The Ritual and The Night House. He also contributed a segment to last year’s V/H/S/85.

The Blob (1988)

David Goyer and Keith Levine are set to produce this new take on The Blob, with Judith Harris serving as an executive producer. Zach Hamby is overseeing the project on behalf of the studio. There is no word yet on who may be tapped to star in the film. Again, it appears to be in the early stages so that’s to be expected. We’ll surely learn more as the script begins to take shape.

Irvin Yeahworth’s The Blob, originally released in 1958, is a stone-cold classic of the genre. The basic premise is that a large gelatinous blob of goo begins terrorizing a town by swallowing everything it touches, growing in size as it moves along. A sequel, Beware! The Blob was released years later in 1972. But it was the 1988 remake, directed by Chuck Russell, that arguably remains the most beloved film in the series to date.

A new film in the series has been in development for some time now. At one point, Rob Zombie (House of 1000 Corpses) signed on to direct a remake before Simon West (Con Air) eventually took over. Samuel L. Jackson was attached to star in West’s version, though nothing ever came of it. In short, this has been a long time coming and Bruckner seems well equipped for the job.

The Blob remake does not currently have a release date but stay tuned.