Elijah Wood Gets A Bold New Look In THE TOXIC AVENGER

A bunch of new images from Macon Blair's TOXIC AVENGER remake just dropped. Get in here!

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · September 20, 2023, 11:51 AM EDT

This morning, Entertainment Weekly dropped a bunch of brand-new images from Macon Blair's forthcoming The Toxic Avenger remake, offering us our best look yet at one of our most anticipated movies of the year.

The Toxic Avenger, which will premiere this Friday at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX, has been playing its cards very close to the vest. Beyond a single still that accompanied the announcement of the film's Fantastic Fest debut, we've seen nothing from Blair's film ... and the images below (you'll have to head over to EW to see the others) indicate he's really swinging for the fences on this one.


Here we have star Peter Dinklage, prior to the devastating accident that will turn him into the titular hero. That tutu oughtta be familiar to anyone who's seen the 1984 original.


As glimpsed in the header image above, here's the full version of Elijah Wood's grotesque look in the film. Our man looks like the exact midway point between Danny DeVito's Penguin and Richard O'Brien's Riff Raff. Somehow, the bolo tie may be the most upsetting part of this look.


Here we have what appears to be a very boisterous street gang menacing someone just out of frame. We're guessing it's Toxie himself, though the production has yet to reveal Dinklage's final, toxic form.


And, finally, we've got Kevin Bacon holding up what appears to be ... I don't know, a magic potion or something. Not sure what else we might call that, but "magic potion" feels right in context with everything else going on here.

Says Blair about the film and its toxic hero:

"There is a terrible industrial accident that renders him a mutant and an outcast, but also gives him some super strength and super abilities that sets him on a path of being an unlikely vigilante in this downward-spiraling society. Similar to the original Toxic Avenger, he's singularly unqualified to be a hero. He's not especially brave, he's not especially crafty, but he has his heart in the right place, and he starts taking it to the limit when he's pushed into a corner."

You can head on over to Entertainment Weekly to see the rest of their Toxic Avenger first look images and to read more of Blair's commentary on each, but do stay tuned for more Toxic Avenger coverage here at FANGORIA: we're psyched about this one, and will keep you informed as further updates roll in. Stay tuned, gang!