THE WRATH OF BECKY’s Lulu Wilson Kicks Out The Jams With Her Spotify Playlist

You’ll want to hit play on this.

By Jason Kauzlarich · @jasonkauz · May 31, 2023, 5:02 PM EDT

Last week we shared an interview for The Wrath of Becky, and in that interview, Becky herself (Lulu Wilson) mentioned she created a playlist to get pumped up to film her scenes and murder the alt-right fascists who stole her dog. We reached out to Lulu for that playlist, and thankfully, it’s still up, available for your listening pleasure, and appropriately titled “Murdering Nazis 22’.”

Featuring high-energy jams from Sleigh Bells, of Montreal, The Faint, Mother Mother, The Breeders, TOBACCO, The Mountain Goats, and so many more on this 40-song playlist ready for your ears.

If you still haven’t seen this one, get on that because god damn is it a glorious bloody movie. The Wrath of Becky starring Lulu Wilson and Seann William Scott is now in theaters.