Exclusive New Poster And Trailer: Troma’s Cannibalism Comedy Musical SWEET MEATS

Feeling hungry yet?

By Michael Gingold · February 29, 2024, 1:30 PM EST
Sweet Treats Troma Poster

The consumption of human flesh is something to sing about in Sweet Meats, coming soon from Troma Entertainment, NKY Films and writer/director Ricky Glore. The filmmakers gave Fango the first look at the new poster (by Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs) and trailer for the movie, which also stars Glore along with Eileen Earnest, Timmy Hart Barron and Andrew Gordon.

The synopsis of Sweet Meats, produced in association with Horror House Pictures, Mediatrix Films and P.J. Starks, goes like this: "Bobby Sweet is a country music legend and has been the world-renowned face of 'Sweet Meats' since establishing his first restaurant with his wife in 1978. How did his restaurant take off so quickly and what makes the meat so darn sweet? Sometimes a 'secret ingredient' should stay that way. They always say, 'You'd be disgusted if you knew what you were really eating!' They might be right…"

"I love movies like the Monkees film Head, Brian De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise, Roger Corman's The Little Shop of Horrors, Motel Hell and This Is Spinal Tap," Glore tells Fango, "but I never in a million years thought I'd make a film of my own that felt like all of those things dropped in a blender. Besides having the vibe of a late-'70s Southern exploitation movie you'd see at the drive-in, it also has killer music by arranger/composer David Kornfeld with Nick Vidas on instruments, Wonky Tonk, Dustin Matthew Taylor, country music legend Bobby Mackey, original songs by myself and a song from the heavy metal group DemonScar.

Sweet Meats Official Poster

"The poster reminds me of those boxes you'd see at the video store back in the day," he continues, "and then you'd read on the back that it's a horror/comedy/musical and you'd think, 'Oh, I gotta see this!' And the trailer feels like it should be showing before the Jerry Reed/Peter Fonda film High-Ballin' or Burt Reynolds' White Lightning."

Noting that Sweet Meats continues in the tradition of such past Troma favorites as Cannibal: The Musical and Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, Kaufman adds, "Just from watching the trailer, you get the sense that there's a love for the grindhouse horror movies of the late '70s, but there's also an almost Christopher Guest-like mockumentary vibe to it. Ricky Glore's comedic voice as a nationally touring standup performer, and the humor he and [Glore's NKY Films partner] Nicholas Hiance brought to their first film All Your Friends Are Dead, were what caught Troma's and my attention. Rogers and Hammerstein and Olivia Rodrigo, move over: Ricky Glore is in Tromaville! I look forward to seeing audiences react to this very unique film. Grab some popcorn! Grab some sweets!"