A Demon in My View Anthony Perkins

A DEMON IN MY VIEW: Anthony Perkins Leads Ruth Rendell Mystery

Ruth Rendell Meets Norman Bates.



Fangs, fried dough, and David Cronenberg in crime boss mode.



Violent men: a love story

Hollywood 90028

WWWSK: Christina Hornisher's HOLLYWOOD 90028 Is Headed To Sitges Film Festival

Beverly Hills 90210 has a nasty neighbor.

forbidden house 1

Hélène Angel's FORBIDDEN HOUSE Has All But Vanished

Home invasion is where the heart is.

Silent Screamplay

Ripe For Rediscovery: SILENT SCREAMPLAY

Denise Riley's 2003 shot on video feature is a solid low-budget addition to the North American giallo subgenre.

Screen Shot 2023-06-30 at 12.40.39 PM

Wild Women With Steak Knives: ROOMMATES Is Ready For An International Cult Following

Revisiting Eun-kyung Kim's South Korean horror.

embrace of the vampire alyssa milano2

Wild Women With Steak Knives: EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE

Anne Goursaud delivers a double punch of a pre-CHARMED Alyssa Milano and pre-THE CRAFT Rachel True.

The Dorm 2014 1

Wild Women With Steak Knives: THE DORM

The FREDDY'S DEAD director serves up killer makeovers in this underseen MTV movie.

Its_A_Beautiful_Day 2

Wild Women With Steak Knives: IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY

Revisiting Kayoko Asakura's 2013 Japanese horror in the barren California desert.

limbo cover

Wild Women With Steak Knives: Tina Krause's LIMBO

Described as "what might happen if David Lynch and Nine Inch Nails collaborated on a shot-on-video horror movie."

dark angel1

Wild Women With Steak Knives: DARK ANGEL - THE ASCENT

Director Linda Hassani takes us from softcore Playboy anthologies to horny horror fantasy.

BIZARRE (Giuliana Gamba, 1987)

Wild Women With Steak Knives: BIZARRE (Giuliana Gamba, 1987)

Revisiting Giovanna Lenzi's DELITTI and Gamba's PROFUMO.

black magic woman3

Wild Women With Steak Knives: BLACK MAGIC WOMAN (Deryn Warren, 1991)

Humping its way through soft focus, BLACK MAGIC WOMAN may take you by surprise.

shadow within2

Wild Women With Steak Knives: THE SHADOW WITHIN (Silvana Zancolò, 2007)

The dark half.