Season 4 Episode 6 – “Sanguinarium”

Top 10 Most Horrific Scenes In THE X-FILES

Aliens, sure, but there's also plenty of gore and gross-out monsters of the week.


Chris Carter And Frank Spotnitz On 30 Years Of THE X-FILES

Discussing three decades of the show's legacy with the series' creator and Executive Producer.

teeth movie

7 Killer Genitalia Horror Movies

Vagina dentata is just the beginning!

Satan's Little Helper

Sunday School Scapegoats: How D&D And Heavy Metal Became Targets For Satanic Panic

Everything old is new again. Tracing the history of this widespread moral hysteria.


The X-FILES: Most Terrifying Monsters Of The Week

Counting down ten of the scariest MOTW.


Inside the Grand Opening of The X-FILES Preservation Collection

We're heading to Saratoga Springs, New York for a behind the scenes look at some of the amazing exhibits housed in the X-FILES Preservation Collection.


Exclusive THE FOREVER PURGE Interview With Writer James DeMonaco

From love story to a virus of violence. THE PURGE cannot be stopped.


Exclusive! Greg Nicotero Gives Us No Details On The Final Season Of The Walking Dead

Will season 11 give us the Commonwealth?

cannibal holocaust.jpeg

Snuff: The Biggest Myth In Film

It's time to demystify this scare tactic.

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Andy Milligan: The Ed Wood Of 42nd Street

Remembering the "born angry" grindhouse director.