The Buzz: "Burial" YELLOWJACKETS S2E7 Recap

Birds, beatings, and bodies.


The Buzz: "Qui" YELLOWJACKETS S2E6 Recap

Sex Ed, interrogations and reunions.


The Buzz: "Two Truths and a Lie" YELLOWJACKETS S2E5 Recap

Citizen Detectives, cult-like compounds, and cliffs.


The Buzz: "Old Wounds" YELLOWJACKETS S2E4 Recap

A moose, a mall, and maladjustment.


The Buzz: "Disgestif" YELLOWJACKETS S2E3 Recap

Coach Ben better beware those vicious little monsters!

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The Buzz: "Edible Complex" YELLOWJACKETS S2E2 Recap

Episode two satiates some hunger and leaves us with even more questions.


Breaking Down the Highly Anticipated Season 2 Premiere of YELLOWJACKETS

The first episode of season two gets a little Norman Bates-y.


Mangled Parts: TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D 10 Years Later

In 2013 Lionsgate gave CHAINSAW fans renewed hope.


A Headbanger’s Ball: Members Of Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, And Motley Crue In THE RETALIATORS

When man's law fails... God's law prevails.

Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 9.35.45 PM

Elvira! Constantine! And Purgatory, Oh My! A Brief History Of DC's House of Mystery

From its first appearance in 1951 to The House Of Mystery's latest incarnation in the new animated CONSTANTINE short.


Sounds of the End: Examining The Devil Wears Prada's Zombie Saga

Pop culture zombies and a good pair of headphones.

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20 Years Later: A Look Back At The History Of The First RESIDENT EVIL Film Adaptation

From video game origins to Romero, Blanks, and Anderson.

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The Reason For The Season: Religion Vs. Santa In SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT

Punish! It's more than a killer Santa slasher.


Repent! A Catholic Reading Of ALICE, SWEET ALICE From A Former Catholic

Revisiting Brooke Shields' feature debut on its 45th anniversary.


Mix It Together Like Stinky Blood-Filled Cold Stone Creamery: An Interview With The Creators Of SOUL PLUMBER

There's a new horror comic in town from the creators of LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT, SOUL PLUMBER exists at the barren intersection of THE EXORCIST and THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES.