Divas Of Darkness: Barbara Crampton Transforms Into A Glamorous Spider

Makeup artist Brett Freedman takes us behind the scenes of transforming our reigning queen of horror into SpiderEyez!

By Brett Freedman · @BrettGlam · October 28, 2023, 2:00 PM EDT

Editor's Note: No tricks, just treats in store for you groovy ghoulies on this, the most Hallowed of weeks! Los Angeles makeup artist Brett Freedman has once again transformed our reigning queen of horror, Barbara Crampton, for Halloween. Last year we brought you the Divas of Darkness series, this year, Crampton and Freedman created three original characters and got extra creative with their glamorously ghoulish transformations. We've revealed Barbara as Zombie Sirène, and Lonely Doll, for this final transformation... behold! Barbara as Spidereyez. Eight legs, and all of them gorgeously glamorous!

Take a look below for Barbara's creepy, crawly transformation, and a bit of behind-the-scenes from Barbara and Freedman. Take it away, Brett and Barbara!

Barbara Crampton SpiderEyez Halloween Makeup

What better way to highlight Barbara's beautiful blue eyes than to frame them in a jagged, spiked arachnid? Going to an All Hallow's Eve party and want to bring the creep? This is a fun (and surprisingly easy) glam look to achieve.

First, just do one eye. This saves time and takes out the energy of ensuring the spiders match. My biggest makeup tip when doing something theatrical is to start light and build out to dark. Adding darkness is always easier than removing and lightening something up. Frame out the spider in gray and dust with powder to set.

Once you have the shape and the perfect splay of legs you're ready to add the drama! I filled Barbara's spider in lightly with a black eyeliner pencil. Then detailed it with a black liquid liner. The drop shadow next to each leg is the trick to making it pop. I did this with a gray eyeshadow, then highlighted the center of the body and each joint with dots of liquid metallic shimmer eyeliner. The glistening of the highlighter adds the perfect pop! Barbara as Spidereyez -she mates, she chills!

Spier/Horror Queen/Icon Barbara Crampton, Photography and Glam by Brett Freedman, Styling by Emily Burnette, and Barbara’s BTS headshot byLesley Bohm.