The Best New Horror Comics This Month

R.L. Stine's STUFF OF NIGHTMARES: RED MURDER is on deck, a new CREEPSHOW volume, and more!

By Daniel McMahon-Young · @danthemcmahon · September 15, 2023, 6:03 PM EDT

Summer is winding down and the pumpkin spice is coming out… for some this is a time of sadness, knowing that beach days are gone till next Summer. But for the freaks like us, it is absolutely party time. We are getting SO much to devour this spooky season, which includes a new Exorcist (thank you, Taylor Swift for getting it to us early), a new Saw film with the original killers, and a TON MORE.

But we will also be reading good this September because the horror comics do not stop coming. This month, we have a little bit for everyone with books based on true events to books about monster superheroes, and so much more.

As always, Look for these at your local comic book shop, and if you need help finding one, be sure to use the Comic Shop Locator.

Upcoming Title Alert:

Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter


COUNT CROWLEY IS BACK! After the mega cliffhanger at the end of Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter, I have been foaming at the mouth, waiting to find out what will happen to my favorite comic horror host next. David Dastmalchian, Lukas Ketner, Lauren Affe, and Frank Cvetkovic all return to bring the next volume to life. See our exclusive look at the covers of the first issue here and some insight from David on Vol 3. Be sure to tell your shop to pre-order because it arrives in shops on November 8th!

September New Releases:

Hunt for the Skinwalker - September 6th


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Writer: Zac Thompson

Artist: Valeria Burzo

Colorist: Jason Wordie

Letterer: Joe Sabino

Skinwalker Ranch is the subject of several documentaries, films, and stories revolving around not only skin-walkers but numerous paranormal and UFO-related activities. They really seem to be going for the spooky trifecta over there on the ranch. Zac Thompson and Valeria's new 4-issue mini-series adapts the book of the same name by Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D. and George Knapp. Both chronicle the unexplainable phenomena on the Utah ranch that plagued a family who invested everything into the farm and the scientist who got locked in a game of cat and mouse with something once the family left. I wasn't sure what to expect when I read issue one, but it's a really unique way to bring this story to a new audience. What goes down on Skinwalker Ranch will change how you look at skin-walkers forever.

CREEPSHOW - September 13th


Publisher: SKYBOUND and Image

Writers: Garth Ennis, Phil Hester

Artists: Becky Cloonan, Phil Hesters

Inker: Eric Gastur

Colorists: Lee Loughridge, Mike Spicer

Letterer: Pat Brosseau

Creepshow is a horror household name, originally created by George A. Romero and Stephen King as a film to pay homage to E.C. Comic books like Tales from the Crypt. So it makes perfect sense that the comic anthology adaptation of the series based on Greg Nicotero's Shudder series is returning for another volume. As with the first Vol, this upcoming series is filled with some of the biggest names in comics. Creepshow Volume 2 #1 kicks off with a trifecta of legendary industry talent. It features stories from Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys), Becky Cloonan (Wonder Woman, Batgirls, Razorblades), and Phil Hester (Gotham City: Year One). If you are a fan of anthologies and Creepshow, make sure you grab this issue and Vol. 1 at your local comic shop!

The Alternates - September 13th

the alternates

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, Tim Seeley

Artist: Christopher Mitten, Tess Fowler

Colorist: Ian Herring for Christopher Mitten, Tess Fowler

Letterer: Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT

Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum are two Hollywood writers whose nerdiness knows no bounds, as exemplified in their Hulu show Marvel's M.O.D.O.K.. But after the series ended, they created their own comic book world with Minor Threats. After the success of Minor Threats, the world has expanded into a book with horror comic superstar Tim Seeley(Hack/Slash, Revival, Nightwing). The Alternates is a love letter to the Vertigo comics of the '90s. Vertigo was an imprint where DC Comics allowed writers like Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman to bring very different and often scary versions of heroes and villains to the page. These stories tackled big topics like addiction, identity, and more. The Alternates follows in those footsteps by bringing us the weird monster characters of the Minor Threats universe and showing us what happens to them after those groundbreaking stories they had to live through. The main character is named Mary Marie, the Multi-Monster who can shapeshift her body parts into different monsters like Dracula and Wolfman. It explores those horrific heroes who don't get to exist like Superman or Batman, in the same vein as Doom Patrol. It is definitely worth picking up even if you haven't read Minor Threats yet because it could fully stand alone.

Stuff of Nightmares: Red Murder - September 27th


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Writer: R.L. Stine

Artist: Adam Gorham

Colorist: Francesco Segala

Letterer: Jim Campbell

Being that I am in my early '30s, I could probably pitch this to most people my age on the author alone. R.L. Stine is a name that is burned into so many horror fans' hearts and minds because he is one of the biggest voices that helped usher horror to younger audiences with his Goosebumps series. I am one of those people, so learning we are getting another installment of Stuff of Nightmares with the new story "Red Murder" has me as giddy as when I first bought Goosebumps. Stuff of Nightmares: Red Murder follows a comic creator who fell into obscurity, but during the 20th anniversary of his most famous book, Red Murder, murders parallel to the killings in his book start to chop down real victims. The book is illustrated by Adam Gorham (Darth Vader, Blue Flame), the textured and gritty art style is bound to make this one that sticks in your brain for some time after closing the final pages.

Ongoing Titles


September 6th

Project Cryptid #1 - Ahoy Comics

September 13th

House of Slaughter #17 - Boom! Studios

Werewolf by Night #1 - Marvel Comics

Dark Ride #8 - Skybound/Image Comics

Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #0 - Marvel Comics

Door to Door Night by Night #7 - Vault Comics

The Sickness #2 - Uncivilized Books

Project Rise #2 - Mad Cave Studios

September 20th

Something is Killing the Children #33 - BOOM! Studios

Dark X-Men #2 - Marvel Comics

Grim #13 - BOOM! Studios

Predator vsWolverine #1 - Marvel Comics

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Stranger Things #3 - IDW Publishing

Monomyth #5 - Mad Cave Comics

September 27th

What's the Furthest Place From Here? #14 - Image Comics

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #4 - Dark Horse Comics

Dead by Daylight #3 - Titan Books