Maggie Gyllenhaal's THE BRIDE Scares Up 2025 Release Date

The monster flick is taking the spot previously occupied by THE BATMAN PART II.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · March 12, 2024, 6:57 PM EDT

A bit of a good news, bad news situation today depending on what sort of movie lover you are. But, given that you are reading this story on this particular website suggests this will ikely serve as an exciting tidbit. Maggie Gyllenhaal's upcoming The Bride, which is going to be a new take on the Universal Monsters classic The Bride of Frankenstein, has locked down a 2025 release date. And yes, it will be here just in time for the Halloween season.

Per Variety, Warner Bros. has set The Bride to open in theaters on October 3, 2025. That's most certainly good news. The bad news? That date was previously occupied by the much-anticipated The Batman Part II. The sequel to 2022's Matt Reeves' The Batman was delayed a full year to October 2, 2026. That's bad news for those who want to see Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader whooping ass in Gotham City again. In any event, the impending arrival of Gyllenhaal's new monster flick should help to ease the pain.

Plot details are largely being kept under wraps but the story has been described vaguely as "A horror thriller, about the Bride of Frankenstein." The movie has assembled a pretty stellar cast including Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, American Psycho), Penélope Cruz (Ferrari, Murder on the Orient Express), Jessie Buckley (Men, I'm Thinking of Ending Things) and Peter Sarsgaard (Orphan, The Killing). Cruz is set to play the Bride.

As a director, Gyllenhaal made her feature debut with 2021's The Lost Daughter, which was released by Netflix and garnered some awards season love. On screen, Gyllenhaal is known for her roles in movies such as Donnie Darko and The Dark Knight, among many other projects.

So far as this movie is concerned, she certainly has a lot to work with. Not only does Gyllenhaal's The Bride boast a great ensemble, but there is a lot to explore in terms of this character. Rather famously, James Whale's seminal classic The Bride of Frankenstein features very little of the title character. That makes this movie an interesting prospect as it doesn't have to be so much a remake but rather an expansion of this character. We should hopefully be learning a little more as production gets underway in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Look for The Bride in theaters on October 3, 2025.

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