Behold: The Red-Band Trailer For Joe Lynch's SUITABLE FLESH

Joe Lynch is back with a sexy, gory, utterly bonkers Lovecraft adaptation.

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · September 19, 2023, 12:06 PM EDT

At long last, today brings us the first trailer for Joe Lynch's Suitable Flesh, a raucous H.P. Lovecraft adaptation starring Heather Graham, FANGORIA fave Barbara Crampton, and Bruce Davison. This one's been making the festival rounds for a hot minute now, and word on the street suggests that Lynch has crafted the sort of sexy, no-holds-barred horror film that rarely gets made anymore.

Judging from this just-released red-band trailer, the word on the street was right.

Good lord.

Here's an exclusive quote from Lynch about the trailer:

"When I saw the trailer that the company Sequence produced for Suitable Flesh, I was so happily shocked. At first I thought, 'This is a joke right? You’re actually gonna GO FOR IT here?' Knowing the film teeters the line between horror, erotica, noir, camp and (From) Beyond. It reminds me a little bit of those '90s erotic thriller trailers with a hint of Douglas Sirk, a dash of John Waters, and a healthy dose of 'Let’s have some fucking FUN.' 
Plus: Sexy Sax lives! 
This trailer gives no fucks … and throws a few in for good measure! I'm extremely excited that this tease of a clip is finally being released to entice audiences while the film is still on its 'FLESHtival Tour' and then hitting Theaters and VOD Oct 27th. It’s gonna be a Hot Halloween for sure!"

In addition to Graham, Crampton and Davis, Suitable Flesh also stars Judah Lewis, Johnathon Schaech, and tells the following tale:

"Psychiatrist Elizabeth Derby becomes obsessed with helping a young patient who's suffering from extreme personality disorder. However, it soon leads her into occult danger as she tries to escape from a horrific fate."

Following its festival run, Suitable Flesh is sitting at a scorching 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, and will soon screen at this year's Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX (where we're sure the crowd is going to lose their goddamn minds for it). Not attending Fantastic Fest but still dying to see it? We have good news: Suitable Flesh will hit theaters and VOD on October 27th, before its premiere on Shudder in January of 2024. One way or another, you'll be seeing it soon!

Nothing further to report on Suitable Flesh at this time, but rest assured we'll be keeping you informed with further updates as they roll in. Stay tuned for those, folks!