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Shapeshifters And Witches With SATANIC HISPANICS Gigi Saul Guerrero And Raynor Shima

Exploring Mexican folklore in the all-Latino horror anthology.


Alejandro Brugués Lays Down The Hammer In SATANIC HISPANICS

Reuniting (and torturing) Norman Cabrera and Jonah Ray Rodrigues for the anthology's final segment.

Satanic Hispanics

SATANIC HISPANICS' King Zombie Speaks!

Creature actor Morgana Ignis on horror origins and The Hammer of Zanzibar.

Satanic Hispanics El Vampiro

Exclusive Interview: Mike Mendez On Heading Up The SATANIC HISPANICS

Inspiration, choosing the filmmakers and more with the producer of the Latino horror anthology.

satanic hispanics el vampiro

Watch This Exclusive El Vampiro Clip From The Upcoming SATANIC HISPANICS

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT director Eduardo Sánchez shares an exclusive sneak peek at his segment from the upcoming Latin horror anthology.

Satanic Hispanics

SATANIC HISPANICS Trailer Serves Up Latin Folklore Horror

The anthology hits theaters in time to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month.