GETTING GRAPHIC: SILENT HILL Is The Best Film Adaptation Of A Horror Game To Date

Big facts.


GETTING GRAPHIC : Could Horror Video Games Eclipse Film And Television In Cultural Relevance?

THE QUARRY's Siobhan Williams on the medium that tends to get the masses talking.

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GETTING GRAPHIC: Do We Prefer Video Games Over Movies When Handling Horror Classics?

Fans are precious with their favorite characters, but are we more forgiving in the world of video games?

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Getting Graphic: While The Academy Notoriously Snubs Horror, It Flourishes In The Gaming Community

When it comes to video games, horror is widely acknowledged and celebrated as a serious genre.


Indie Game Spotlight: Chatting With The Developers Of SUCKER FOR LOVE And HIDDEN DEEP

We took a deep dive into the caverns of monster-infested mines, and monstrous love.


Seeking Chaotic, Co-Op Horror? 10 Chambers' GTFO Should Be Next On Your List

After years of development, the small indie team has officially released its ALIEN-inspired first-person shooter, and we spoke to the developers about their vision for the game.

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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Announces New RINGU Chapter

Sadako is coming!


GETTING GRAPHIC: The Future Of Cinematography Is A Blend Of Film And Video Games

Supermassive Games' creative director Will Doyle and RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY DP Maxime Alexandre discuss cinematography in their respective mediums.

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GETTING GRAPHIC: What Makes A Good Video Game To Film Adaptation?

From RESIDENT EVIL to SILENT HILL and beyond, exploring fan favorite adaptations.


Getting Graphic: How Video Games Keep The Most Iconic Faces In Horror Relevant

From Jason Voorhees to Pinhead, video games like DEAD BY DAYLIGHT and FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME are keeping iconic slashers relevant for new audiences.


GETTING GRAPHIC: Audiences Are Seeking To Choose-Their-Own Scares

Jed Shepherd, HOST, GHOSTS and the future of immersive horror.

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Getting Graphic: How UNTIL DAWN Predicted The Slasher Renaissance

In our new column, we examine the overlapping trends between horror cinema and gaming.

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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Was Gateway Horror Gold

Five years after the series went off the air, it's still inducting new genre fans.