Getting Graphic: Fear In The First-Person

Why are RESIDENT EVIL 7 and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT some of the scariest media we have? Well, it's all in how you look at it.


GETTING GRAPHIC: Setting The Trend

From zombies to creature features, are video games paving the cinematic way?


GETTING GRAPHIC: TV Remote Vs Console Controller

Is it scarier when the pressure is on you to control the cycle of building and releasing tension, or when you surrender yourself to face whatever comes your way?

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GETTING GRAPHIC: This One's For The Kids

Are video games instrumental in cultivating the next generation of horror fans?


GETTING GRAPHIC: SILENT HILL Is The Best Film Adaptation Of A Horror Game To Date

Big facts.


GETTING GRAPHIC : Could Horror Video Games Eclipse Film And Television In Cultural Relevance?

THE QUARRY's Siobhan Williams on the medium that tends to get the masses talking.

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GETTING GRAPHIC: Do We Prefer Video Games Over Movies When Handling Horror Classics?

Fans are precious with their favorite characters, but are we more forgiving in the world of video games?

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Getting Graphic: While The Academy Notoriously Snubs Horror, It Flourishes In The Gaming Community

When it comes to video games, horror is widely acknowledged and celebrated as a serious genre.


Indie Game Spotlight: Chatting With The Developers Of SUCKER FOR LOVE And HIDDEN DEEP

We took a deep dive into the caverns of monster-infested mines, and monstrous love.


Seeking Chaotic, Co-Op Horror? 10 Chambers' GTFO Should Be Next On Your List

After years of development, the small indie team has officially released its ALIEN-inspired first-person shooter, and we spoke to the developers about their vision for the game.

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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Announces New RINGU Chapter

Sadako is coming!


GETTING GRAPHIC: The Future Of Cinematography Is A Blend Of Film And Video Games

Supermassive Games' creative director Will Doyle and RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY DP Maxime Alexandre discuss cinematography in their respective mediums.

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GETTING GRAPHIC: What Makes A Good Video Game To Film Adaptation?

From RESIDENT EVIL to SILENT HILL and beyond, exploring fan favorite adaptations.


Getting Graphic: How Video Games Keep The Most Iconic Faces In Horror Relevant

From Jason Voorhees to Pinhead, video games like DEAD BY DAYLIGHT and FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME are keeping iconic slashers relevant for new audiences.


GETTING GRAPHIC: Audiences Are Seeking To Choose-Their-Own Scares

Jed Shepherd, HOST, GHOSTS and the future of immersive horror.