SAW X (2023)

SAW X Director Kevin Greutert Will Return To Direct SAW XI

You just can't keep Jigsaw down.


Baptism Of Blood: How The SAW Franchise Recruits The Cult Of Jigsaw

Play Jigsaw's game and unlock... a new lease on life?

saw x Bloodboarding

SAW X Exclusive Clip Takes Us Behind The Bloodboarding

Relive the magic from Kevin Greutert's exemplary SAW sequel.


SAW X Heads To Digital In Time For Halloween

The PVOD release will be shortly followed by a 4K and Blu-ray packed with three hours of grisly and gruesome bonus features.


Saw X Brings More Blood And More Backstory

And more from our interview with franchise veteran director Kevin Greutert.


This Guy Is Totally Screwed In A New Clip From SAW X

When it comes to devising torture games, Jigsaw's still got it.


Jigsaw Plays An Eye-Popping New Game In This SAW X Clip

Let this be a reminder: never get on John Kramer's bad side.


Jigsaw Stars In A Perfect Remake Of Nicole Kidman's AMC Ad

"Somehow, self-amputation feels good in a place like this."


Bloody Double Feature Of SAW And SAW II Heading Back To Theaters

Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest are getting us hyped for SAW X by reminding us how it all began.

john kramer jigsaw 3.jpg

SAW X Director Says This One Won't Just Be For The Gore Freaks

Perhaps you'd like to get to know Jigsaw a little better?


SAW X Will Be The Longest SAW Movie Ever

Director Kevin Greutert says SAW X will be long, but they also aren’t wasting anyone’s time.


The SAW X Trailer Would Like To Play A Game

Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith will be back in the saddle again this September.

sawx Cropped

Witness The Return Of Jigsaw In The First SAW X Poster

Lionsgate is bringing back Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw for another twisted cinematic game in September.