This Guy Is Totally Screwed In A New Clip From SAW X

When it comes to devising torture games, Jigsaw's still got it.

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · September 26, 2023, 12:05 PM EDT

We are less than a week away from the arrival of Kevin Gruetert's Saw X, the tenth installment in Lionsgate's long-running torture porn franchise. The pig masks have been made, the tricycle wheels have been oiled just so, and a new round of victims are ready to taste justice at the hands of Jigsaw (aka John Kramer), the devious madman who is once again up to his old tricks.

As you've surely heard by now, Saw X is actually a flashback entry in this series, one which will take us all the way back to the brief period between the first and second Saw movies. This time around, Jigsaw heads down to Mexico to receive what he believes will be an experimental procedure meant to rid him of the cancer that's killing him, only to discover that he's been the victim of a scam. You can imagine how Jigsaw might feel about this, and what he'd do to the people responsible.

Y'know, stuff like this:

Yeesh. Looks like Jigsaw's doling out a bit of the ol' "Physician, heal thyself" in this clip, with the character above being compelled to saw into his own exposed skull. See, this is exactly why you don't trick Jigsaw into undergoing an experimental medical procedure that has no chance of actually helping him. Shit like this happens.

The hype surrounding the release of Saw X is running pretty hot these days (we won't be surprised to see this one dominate the weekend box office report come Sunday morning, in other words), and we couldn't be more excited to get a look at it for ourselves. Stay tuned for more on Saw X, should any further updates arrive between now and its arrival in theaters on Friday.