SAW X (2023)

The SAW 10-FILM COLLECTION Stuffs All Of Jigsaw's Shenanigans Into One Boxed Set

Lionsgate's releasing their biggest-ever SAW boxed set this March. Better make space on your shelf.

Spiral1 Cropped

SAW XI Won’t Be a SPIRAL Sequel

Producer Mark Burg has ruled out a return to the SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW timeline, at least for now.


SAW X Writers Not Returning For SAW XI

Screenwriting duo Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger will not be returning to write the recently announced sequel.


SAW XI Confirmed For 2024 Release By Lionsgate

Following the success of SAW X, the studio is wasing no time in getting the next installment underway.


Baptism Of Blood: How The SAW Franchise Recruits The Cult Of Jigsaw

Play Jigsaw's game and unlock... a new lease on life?

saw x Bloodboarding

SAW X Exclusive Clip Takes Us Behind The Bloodboarding

Relive the magic from Kevin Greutert's exemplary SAW sequel.


Saw X Brings More Blood And More Backstory

And more from our interview with franchise veteran director Kevin Greutert.


This Guy Is Totally Screwed In A New Clip From SAW X

When it comes to devising torture games, Jigsaw's still got it.


Jigsaw Plays An Eye-Popping New Game In This SAW X Clip

Let this be a reminder: never get on John Kramer's bad side.


Bloody Double Feature Of SAW And SAW II Heading Back To Theaters

Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest are getting us hyped for SAW X by reminding us how it all began.

john kramer jigsaw 3.jpg

SAW X Director Says This One Won't Just Be For The Gore Freaks

Perhaps you'd like to get to know Jigsaw a little better?


Rob Zombie, SAW, BLAIR WITCH And LEPRECHAUN SteelBook Collections Coming Soon

Lionsgate's double, triple, and octuple features arrive exclusively at Walmart just in time for Halloween season binges.


SAW THE MUSICAL Hits The Stage This September

The unauthorized off-Broadway parody turns the first SAW movie into a blood-splattered romcom.


SAW X Will Be The Longest SAW Movie Ever

Director Kevin Greutert says SAW X will be long, but they also aren’t wasting anyone’s time.


The SAW X Trailer Would Like To Play A Game

Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith will be back in the saddle again this September.