Matthew Lillard (And A Million Other People) Just Joined The Cast Of THE LIFE OF CHUCK

Mike Flanagan's latest Stephen King adaptation just gained a ton of new cast members.

Langoliers2 Cropped

Is Rob Savage’s LANGOLIERS Movie Actually Happening? It Stands A Good Shot

THE BOOGEYMAN director discusses his hopes to adapt Stephen King’s novella into a feature film…if they can sort the rights out.


1983: Stephen King’s Year Of Fear

40 years ago, screens were rife with book-to-screen adaptations, and none fared better than the horror master’s trifecta.


PET SEMATARY: BLOODLINES Upholds Franchise Tradition By Being Rated R

Lindsey Anderson Beer's PET SEMATARY prequel won't be pulling any punches.


John Carpenter's CHRISTINE And THEY LIVE Will Celebrate Their Anniversaries In Theaters

This September, two certified Carpenter Classics are headed back to the big screen.


Dee Wallace On Her Most Difficult Role: CUJO 40 Years Later

In conversation with the definitive movie Mom on life, death, healing… and that dog movie.


Frank Darabont's THE MIST Coming To 4K UHD This October

And yes, it includes the black-and-white version.


Mike Flanagan Says His Adaptation Of THE DARK TOWER Is Still Very Much In Play

Everything's on pause for the moment, but things are looking very good, indeed.


First Look At David Duchovny in PET SEMATARY: BLOODLINES

The prequel is headed our way on October 6th.


THE BOOGEYMAN Director Rob Savage Wants To Traumatize A New Generation

And he's doing a damn good job so far.

Children of the Corn

The Latest CHILDREN OF THE CORN Movie Hits Theaters This March

It's been 84 years.gif


In Defense Of CUJO: A Bona Fide Good Boy

This dog deserves his day.


The SALEM'S LOT Movie Is Officially Rated R, Will Bring The Blood And Violence

The MPAA has given the SALEM'S LOT an R rating, signaling that the film is in the can and just needs a release date from Warner Bros.

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 5.10.00 PM

Stephen King's THE REGULATORS Is Becoming A Movie

Bohemia Group is looking to turn THE REGULATORS, one of Stephen King's Richard Bachman novels, into a feature film.


That CHILDREN OF THE CORN Remake Might Finally Be Released This Fall

A long-awaited (and completed) remake of Stephen King's CHILDREN OF THE CORN may finally see the light of day in the near future.