RAGING GRACE Director Paris Zarcilla Talks Fury And Fairytales

The Gothic horror drama is currently playing in select theaters across the US, and hits the UK on December 29.

Godzilla Minus One Detail

GODZILLA MINUS ONE Director Takashi Yamazaki On Making Godzilla Scary Again

And why the original GOJIRA is still a perfect film.


THE BOULET BROTHERS' DRAGULA: Gods Of Death (Part 1) Castoff

We're summoning the Season 5 Episode 4 banished monster for a chat!


THE BOULET BROTHERS' DRAGULA: Ghosts Of The Gatehouse Castoff

We're summoning the Season 5 Episode 3 banished monster for a chat!

Thanksgiving John Carver

On The Tail Of THANKSGIVING Eli Roth Would Love To Cross-Pollinate More Holiday Horror

Roth discusses the three films that really disturb him, the Sexiest Man Alive, expanding on holiday horrors, and more!

Deliver Me Header

DELIVER ME Author Elle Nash Delivers Full Blown Body Horror In Third Novel

"We don't always need poltergeists or demons. Sometimes being a human is scary enough."


Eli Roth On Turning A THANKSGIVING Parody Trailer Into A Proper Slasher

Plus: Deciding which kills made the cut.



One more monster down, we're chatting with season 5 episode 2's banished monster.


SUMMER RENTAL Author Rektok Ross On '90s Slashers And Favorite Horror Authors

Plus: Perfect horror soundtracks.


Drac And Swan On Dream Extermination Challenges And Directing THE BOULET BROTHERS' DRAGULA Season 5

They really want Don Mancini on the show.

THE STRANGERS Trilogy First Look_1

Director Renny Harlin Reveals THE STRANGERS' Origins In Upcoming Trilogy

Plus Harlin and Courtney Solomon on staying true to the original, the magnificence of Madelaine Petsch, and returning to shark territory with DEEP WATER.

Suitable Flesh 2

Joe Lynch On (Love)Crafting Truly Erotic Horror With SUITABLE FLESH

Creating an uncommon Lovecraft movie.

slayers amber benson buffy header

Amber Benson Returns To The Buffyverse With SLAYERS

The new Audible original series reunites Tara with a bunch of your Buffy faves, and Benson gives us the scoop on the Scoobs.


TOTALLY KILLER Director Nahnatchka Khan On Delivering The Laughs Between The Stabs

Plus: Time travel, and facing off against Freddy Krueger and Billy the Puppet.


David Gordon Green Doubles Down On Possession In THE EXORCIST: BELIEVER

Plus: putting rumors to rest and building a bridge for a contemporary audience.